You want to know a bit about us, aye?

We’re a (proudly) Scottish space tech company based in the heart of Glasgow. 

We specialise in merging user generated content and Internet of Things Data with real-time satellite imagery to provide more in-depth information surrounding satellite imagery.

Creating human focused solutions & strategies.

Where it all began

In 2012 we began our journey by creating a travel social media platform which was people and experience focused, called talkholiday.


People focused strategies and User Generated Content (UGC) has always been important to us, part of our DNA.

2017: A bright new journey

We started developing the talkholiday platform to include location pollution data and 30 day old satellite imagery, adding a scientific approach to travel. The vision was to help people make better decisions when travelling by using high resolution satellite imagery and air quality data, Talk Holiday Ltd became Tripsology Ltd.


Tripsology was built on the foundations of talkholiday with the addition of satellite pollution data, adding another layer of factual information for people focused travel.


During the research and development of this product we uncovered a new opportunity, a light bulb moment for our CEO & Founder Chris Newlands…a space selfie – Spelfie.

2018/2019: A world first

We established our commercial partnership with AIRBUS to research how we could provide recent satellite imagery for destinations on the Tripsology app. Meanwhile also we developed a new app and API which merged User Generated Content (UGC) with AIRBUS real-time satellite imagery, Spelfie, the space selfie!


2019: Launch activated

In November 2019 we experienced the world’s first Spelfie event. It was held in Bali as part of a TV documentary by the BBC called “Saving Our Beautiful Bali”. 


A group called Bye Bye Plastic Bags campaigning against plastic pollution in Bali spelled out “ACT NOW” on a polluted beach which was captured from space using the Spelfie App. (Left: ACT NOW Spelfie)


In November the documentary broadcasted on the BBC and announced the official launch of the Spelfie App. This generated significant press coverage and over 50,000 downloads of the app!

2021: US patent granted (priority date 2018)

As a newly launched product catered for large gatherings of people the pandemic came at the wrong time for Spelfie. However, our resiliency got us through hard months, we came out stronger than ever with a US Patent granted and patents pending across key markets. Our patented method, merging real-time satellite imagery with user generated content (UGC). 

2021: New opportunities

As the events industry started to recover Spelfie built more momentum, capturing the US Presidential Inauguration from SPACE as well as COP26 in Glasgow.


During this time, we started working on other strategies using our patent, developing a licensing model and platform for the patent and Space 2 Consumer (S2C) strategies.


2022: Selfies from space globally!

This was an epic year for the Spelfie App, from capturing Expo 2020 in Dubai to NASA’s 60th Anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s “We go to the Moon” event in Houston Texas. We captured thousands of smiling faces and pinned their location on real-time satellite images. What a year!


Our strategies became even more clear with the exponential growth in the space sector, especially in Earth Observation. We believe our patent could be applied to every single industry and help us all make better more informed decisions, which could save time, money, lives and even our planet.


Chris Newlands, CEO & Founder, amplified our platform to discuss our strategies at events throughout the year. Our strategy and message is now GLOBAL.

2023…Space Aye is born

With our sights set on space, and strategies in place to develop exciting and new technologies we rebranded our TopCo from Tripsology to Space Aye. 


Our products and services are still growing, introducing Space2Site – a remote worker check-in from space. A new revolutionary tool for remote workers and remote worksites around the world. 


Our mission has become more and more clear through our research and development over the years creating new and exciting products and services…but we feel like we’re just getting started, so watch this SPACE!


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